Core Happyness

“Happiness is the feeling that power increases — that resistance is being overcome” — Friedrich Nietzsche 

Do you want your life to be happier? Do you want your relationships
with other people better than before? Do you want your business to
be successful? Well, the real secret to all of these lies on your mindset. Weird as it may sound, you are living in a world in which things happen depending on what you think.

This is something that most people fail to realize. Whether you
actually believe this or not, this is something that works similarly for
everyone. By focusing on the things that you do not want or complaining about those negative things in your life, more negativity tend to enter your life. But if you start to focus more on things that you want and think about all the positives happening to your life, you also bring in more of that.

What Is It

Happiness, as they always say, is a choice, which means that if you
choose to be happy, then, you will be. Happiness is a kind of choice
that you make and create for yourself. It is not something that
depends on creating the happiness of other people or getting their
approval. In reality, the level of your life’s happiness has nothing to
do with the things that other people say or do, even if you feel like it
actually. Happiness is not something that you capture through the
affirmation or actions of others.

Can you really make up your mind to be happy?

The answer is YES. The empowered happiness mindset is set on the
principle that despite the things that happen to you or whatever dire
circumstances you might be in today, you can still be happy.
Your happiness comes from within and happiness can only be
experienced if you have established a connection to your core self,
that part of you that lies deep within and never changes even after all those year.

If you decide that you will be happy right from your core, then, you
are the one who have the power to identify the degree of happiness
that you will experience. If your core self is not being overpowered by hormonal or chemical challenges or overshadowed by your mind’s incessant chatter, then, there is a high chance for you to experience the so-called “unconditional happiness.” Your core self has the ability to stick to its decision of being happy and not falling apart or giving in to discouragements once it encounters less than perfect conditions.

When you learn living from your core, it is not impossible for you to
be happy even during the toughest of times because you already know how you should hold on to those good times and chase all the bad away. With an empowered happiness mindset, you will know how you should let life to happen and stay open to wallowing in bliss of happiness whatever your circumstances might be.


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