Greatest Happyness

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less” — Socrates

When you dream of happiness, you probably dream of that one place where suffering is absent – a place with no guilt, anxiety, melancholy, and mood swings. With the present way of life of many people, most of them surely look forward to that one day when all their mental battles and worries will subside – that one golden day when purely positive things will take place and there will be no more reasons to experience pain, tension, and sorrow.
Ways To Look At It
But unfortunately, all these things are just part of a mythical place.
This is a kind of place that society would like you to believe exists, just another gold pot sitting at the end of that proverbial rainbow, which, when found, will give you security and wealth.
The traditional happiness ideas revolve around this mythical place
with perceived security and comfortable luxury. However, there is no way for this ideal to come to reality all because of one law of life,
which can be easily summed up in a single word – change.
Change is everything that life knows.

Your assets, your moods, your relationships, your liabilities as well as the other conditions of your existence are not going to stay constant, whatever your cultural idea might make you believe. Disaster, death, unforeseen misfortune, conflict, disease, heartbreak as well as the simple anxieties of your everyday life will continue and disrupt what you perceive to be peace of happiness.

The new age ideas about happiness dwell on the principle that even
though the traditional happiness ideas might be mythical and
somewhat boring, still, there is a chance for you to find a deeper and
truer state of being. As a human being, your greatest satisfaction will lie not in the constancy, but in the transformation.

For the modern era, true happiness is about accepting, embracing
and even laughing at your pain. Its aim is to understand that your
pain is a natural result of the changes in your life and it is a crucial
precursor to your growth.

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