Possessing Your Happyness

“Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of thought,
a state of mind.” ― Daphne du Maurier

In their search for happiness, a lot of people search for it not within themselves but in other people. Many of them assume that things such as a good job, more money, better relationships and others will give them the happiness that they are searching for. But, the truth is, you can only find true happiness and contentment if you will look within yourself and you will learn how to be your self’s best friend.

It means that you need to care, trust, and love yourself the way you care, trust and love those people near your heart. Here are several tips that are guaranteed to make you empowered for happiness that you might want to keep in mind:

Give positive rewards to yourself. If you have done something that you are proud of, try giving yourself even with just a small reward. If possible, never wait for praises from others because if it does not come, you will end up feeling resentful. Patting your own back every once in a while won’t hurt and in fact, this is a great feeling which will surely stay with you within a long period of time.

Instead of pulling yourself down, try lifting yourself up. If there is one thing about yourself that you do not like, do something to alter it. If it cannot be changed, then, accept it as it is. Never go for negative self-talk because you lessen your chances of changing for the better if you are already filled with negative thoughts.

Learn forgiving yourself. Surely, you will not scold a child over and over again for a mistake that he did so never do such a thing to yourself as well for it will not do you any good. Forgiveness is a gift that you can endow yourself if you made a mistake. After that, try figuring out the lesson that you learned, using it as an inspiration in making better choices in the future.

Take pleasure in your successes. Many people can still clearly remember the details of embarrassing, painful or depressive events that took place several years ago. What if you try doing exactly the same thing with the wins and successes that you had in the past? Instead of wallowing on your downfalls, why not remember your accomplishments and trials and keep their memory with you? Thinking about these successes at least once every week will surely make you feel good. Never forget celebrating all the wonderful qualities that you have! The best and most important tip for becoming empowered for happiness is learning to love yourself for as you do so, you will also be able to love others around you and they will also start to love you even more!

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